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Cellphone Notification Admin Page

Here you tell LinuxMCE how to notify you when there is a problem in the house. For each type of problem you can indicate which mobile orbiters and telephones to notify.

Mobile Orbiter Notifications

List the phone numbers for any mobile orbiters (ie mobile phones running LinuxMCE's software) that you want to be notified. The phone will beep, show you a live video, and let you control the house..

Other Phone Notifications

Here you can specify any phone number you want Pluto to call in the event of a security alert. Pluto will call the number and play a recorded message.

You can specify when it should notify the orbiters one at a time and wait for each person to respond, or notify all of them simultaneously. The same is true with the other phones. You can also indicate whether LinuxMCE should first try to notify the mobile orbiters and then call the other phone numbers, or vice versa, or notify them all at once.

Neighbors to Call

When there is a problem in the house you will be given the option of calling the neighbors. Enter the phone numbers for your neighbors here. When you choose the 'call the neighbors' option, LinuxMCE will call all of them simultaneously, patch them and you in the phone call so you can discuss what is happening.

Emergency calls

Put emergency phone numbers here (Police, fire department, medical).