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The Now playing contect object provides all of the information about the currently playing media available. The only thing it does not provide is timecode. This is done by another object'


Properties are accessed by: dcenowplaying.propertyname
Property Name Property Type Signal Description Example
b_mediaPlaying bool mediaStatusChanged() True if media is playing in this EA, false if other wise EX: hiding an element based on media playing state
               anchors.centerIn: parent
               width:  parent.width*.90
               height: parent.height*.91
               radius: 6
              visible: dcenowplaying.b_mediaPlaying ? true : false
               color: "transparent"
               Image{ // Album art here
                   id: nowPlayingArt
                   anchors.fill: parent
                   source: "image://listprovider/updateobject/"+securityvideo.timestamp
                   fillMode:  Image.PreserveAspectFit
                   smooth:  true
               MouseArea {
                   anchors.fill: parent
path string pathChanged() Provides the path of the current playing media
filepath string filepathChanged() Provides the full path of the current playing media
qs_storageDevice string storageDeviceChanged() The LinuxMCE storage device the media is stored on
qs_mainTitle string titleChanged() The Media title of playing media, otherwise its file name
qs_mainTitle2 string titleChanged2() Sometimes additional title params are sent, this is where they are deposited.
qs_subTitle String titleChanged() Secondary text relating to media titles
genre string genreChanged() "
tvProgram string programChanged() The title of the tv program, otherwise blank