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[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Hardware]]
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Usage Information
NVidia CK804
Realtek ALC850 rev 0
on-board (ASUS A8N-E)
Analog Stereo works
S/PDIF output works with additional configuration (see below)

NVidia CK804

In the LinuxMCE admin panel under "Wizard:Devices:Media Directors" set the audio to "CK804" with "AC3 pass-through" checked for the desired Media Director.

ALSA Error

The LinuxMCE 710 ALSA package has an error in the file


Change line 194, to be

device 0

instead of device 1

This has been fixed in Linuxmce 810 and now shows correct device number


no change needed


no change needed


Make the following change to /etc/pluto/xine.conf
Change "#audio.speaker_arrangement:Stereo 2.0"
To read "audio.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through"

If you still do not have success with your CK804 chip, but the KDE sounds come out just fine, change /etc/pluto/xine.conf Change "audio.alsa_front_device:asym_spdif" To read "audio.alsa_front_device:default"


If you don't have S/PDIF or HDMI sound check following:

  • Digital sound is disabled by default. Run alsamix and unmute it (IEC958)
  • aplay -l - display all playback devices. You should see digital one(s) - IEC958
  • aplay -L - should display S/PDIF or/and HDMI. If you don't see them try to install the newest version of ALSA and maybe nVidia drivers if you use nVidia card. Here is a script to upgrade ALSA automatically from the sources - ALSA upgrade script.