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Olevia has several TV's with rs232 serial control ports. These TV's can be controlled by LMCE with some tweaking. Some of them use the standard DB-9 plug, while others require a unique cable made by olevia. A template has been created as well as a plug an play script (included with the 0810 beta 2 release.

The Template (2030) supports Olevia LCD TVs with an ATI Image Processor (2XXT and 5XXT) as well as possibly others. This was developed and tested on a 232T.


The model used for development (232T) has:
1 Component
1 S-Video
1 Composite

Ruby Codes

Here are the official codes from olevia for the 2xxT series. Olevia emailed me and told me that these codes should work for the 227V, 232V, and the 232T. Perhaps others as well, but those three for certain. pdf

#193 OFF
     log('Turning Off')<br>
#192 ON
     log('Turning On')

#712 Component 1
     log('Switching Input to Component 1')
#361 HDMI
     log('Switching Input to HDMI')
#769 PC
     log('Switching Input to PC')
#180 Svideo
     log('Switching Input to Svideo')
#166 Tuner
     log('Switching Input to Tuner')

Aspect Ratios
#953 Toggle Aspect Ratio
     log('Toggling Aspect Ratio')

#190 Enter/Go
     log('Enter Key')

#373 Private Method Listing
     def log(line)
     $log = File.open("/var/log/pluto/" + device_.devid_.to_s + "_Generic_Serial_Device.log", "a")
     $log.puts "(***):" + line.to_s

#204 0
     log('Sending 0')
#205 1
     log('Sending 1')
#206 2
     log('Sending 2')
#207 3
     log('Sending 3')
#208 4
     log('Sending 4')
#209 5
     log('Sending 5')
#210 6
     log('Sending 6')
#211 7
     log('Sending 7')
#212 8
     log('Sending 8')
#213 9
     log('Sending 9')

On-Screen Menu Navig
#225 Display
     log('Selecting Display ') 
#86  Menu (Show Menu
     log('Seleting Menu')
#201 Move Down
     log('Move Down')
#202 Move Left
     log('Move Left')
#203 Move Right
     log('Move Right')
#200 Move Up
     log('Move Up')

Simple Control
#64  Skip Back - Channel/Track Lower
     log('Channel Down')
#63  Skip Fwd - Channel/Track Greater
     log('Channel Up')

#97  Mute
#90  Vol Down
     log('Volume Down')
#89  Vol Up
     log('Volume Up')

PNP Script

The following script will automatically detect this TV. Note that after a firmware upgrade, the TV used to test this implementation gives an intermittent response when querried by the PNP script. This sometimes causes the script to miss this TV in configuration and require a manual addition of this device.

The script is 20_OleviaTV_ATI.sh

#Play and Play script for Olevia TV's Models Numbers:2XXT/5XXT Possibly more
#Power Up is very slow so it requires several seconds to get feedback
#Device Template Number:2030 on my local Machine.

#The TV only responds to the "Power Status Query" command when the power is on, so we'll send the Power On command first, then sent the Query command.
#We give it a delay to allow the TV to power up
echo "Olevia TV (ATI) Detection script queue $2"
/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p $3 -P N81 -b 115200 -t "\BE\05\27\01\EB" -i 8
echo "Waiting for powerup"
#Now query to check for the TV power status reply
/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p $3 -P N81 -b 115200 -t "\BE\05\90\00\53" -i 1 -s "\06\05\90\01\9C"
if [[ "$?" -ne 0 ]]; then
echo "It's not an Olevia TV (ATI)"
/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend dcerouter -r 0 $1 1 806 224 $2 13 "$4" 44 0
echo "It is an Olevia TV (ATI) Template #2030"
/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend dcerouter -r 0 $1 1 806 224 $2 13 "$4" 44 2030