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This page was written by Pluto and imported with their permission when LinuxMCE branched off in February, 2007. In general any information should apply to LinuxMCE. However, this page should be edited to reflect changes to LinuxMCE and remove old references to Pluto.

The Orbiter's user interface is stored in a database. It would not be practical or efficient for the Orbiters to build and render the UI on the fly directly from the database. So OrbiterGen is a program that takes the UI and pre-renders as much as possible. Graphics and text are pre-rendered into single bitmaps so that the Orbiter can display the screens very quickly.

Like Designer so the only time you will need to use OrbiterGen is when you are creating your own UI in Designer and want to quickly preview the results in the Orbiter. The User's Manual explains the command line options. There is no Programmer's Guide.