Orbiter Programmer's Guide

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The Orbiter is really a LinuxMCE DCE Devices just like any other. The main class, Orbiter, is a normal **DCE command** implementation. However, the Orbiter class was written so that it has no platform-specific functions, such as graphics and sound. It handles the basic logic, and calls pure virtual functions that derived classes must implement to handle the platform-specific commands. OrbiterSDL is derived from Orbiter and implements these functions using the SDL library, such as DrawRectangle, DrawImage, PlaySound, etc. You will see that most of the code and virtually all of the logic is contained in the base Orbiter class. Therefore, it is a fairly easy task to make a new version of Orbiter for a platform other than SDL, perhaps one that uses Windows SDK calls, or another image library.

Orbiter devices are also embedded within Bluetooth Dongle for details.

Use the LinuxMCE Admin Website to build an entirely new user interface of your own, or change LinuxMCE's stock UI.