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Usage Information

Panasonic CinemaVision 56" Rear Projection TV

There is a DVI port on the back of the TV that the manual says specifically is not for connection to a computer....

(8/15/2009) That said, LMCE 8.10 alpha 29 puts out a great signal using the VGA selection at 1280x1024 resolution at 60Hz BUT (and this is a major but) if you go to the KDE desktop all of the sizes are cut off- I think there are work arounds for this, but it's not ideal. VGA 1024x768 @ 75 hz is the best I've seen but VGA 800x600 at 60Hz OK too.

Note- I'm selecting VGA as the option in the AV Wizard, but using the DVI port on the video card and tv input.

(11/29/09) Recent changes to the video drivers (note- this is pre Beta 2) have made the above suggestions poor. When the above selections are made, only about 1/4 of the screen is shown on the TV, but it takes up the whole display. To get it going, I've had to select 640x480.

(12/14/2009) As of the beta release on the 12th (not the one release today- haven't upgraded yet) I redid the resolution and have only been able to find a working signal on 480p @ 60 Hz after using the DVI/HDMI choice. Have not tested all other video choices, but the woman is hungry so I need to go...