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  • 50" (diagonal) widescreen Plasma television
  • RS232 port at the back to allow external control (by LinuxMCE for example)
  • HDMI inputs

For detailed specs see the Pioneer 1140HD webpage.

Serial Port use

The Pioneer Pro-1140HD can be controlled by LinuxMCE through the serial port.

  1. From the factory the 1140HD is set to SR+ mode which ignores the rs232 port. In order to take the tv out of SR+ mode so it will respond to rs232 information you must start with the tv in standby mode. On the television remote, press the "Home Menu" key and within 3 seconds press the power on button. You will see SR+ <=> :On at the bottom of the screen. Press the left key on the direction pad of the remote to turn the SR+ <=> to :Off. If you need to change the baud rate, you can press down on the direction pad of the remote. The factory default baud rate is 9600.
  2. You will need a "straight" or "pass through" serial cable to connect the tv to the media director or hybrid/core.

Create a New Template in LinuxMCE

Directions for creating the template are discuss in the forum. The codes for controlling the 1140hd are found on this page.

An example of the code you enter to turn on the tv is: <$"\x02**PON\x03"$>

An example of the code to change tv input to input 6 (an HDMI port) is: <$"\x02**INPS06\x03"$>

--Todd 18:24, 23 August 2008 (PDT)


There used to be a Pioneer Kuro template. The Pioneer Kuro 5080 seems to be identical to the Pioneer Pro-1140HD.