Porting Raspbian

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This will attempt to highlight some of the requirements/process intended/followed for porting lmce to raspbian for use on the raspberry pi New database data

  1. update the 'Distro' table
  2. Update all the Packages related tables.

Linuxmce uses the database at build time when creating deb packages for depencies and later at install time to install those dependecies, add repositories and so on. Since on every release some packages tend to change names or split/merge into others, updating the packages tables is time consuming and as you need to do some install / fix cycles before figure them out.

Conf files update

  1. Build dependencies list needs updating.

The list with packages needed for building linuxmce needs to be updated from one release to another so you can have the dependencies installed on the build machine. There is no automatic tool for doing this and is a time consuming task when package names change and split as you need to wait for the build to fail to intstall other packages.

Other issues:

  1. diskless boot? net boot is not immediately possible from RPi, perhaps a netboot after kernel?
  2. disked boot? may be required
  3. avwizard - graphics setup is performed by gpu prior to the kernel boot. new method of setting/determining graphics mode? changing resolution requires reboot for gpu init
  4. qOrbiter
  5. omxplayer device template
  6. arm libs required for pre-compiled libraries (usb-uirt, external media identifier?/id-my-disc?, more?)
  7. mythtv frontend is too heavy for RPi, recordings will need to be natively played by omxplayer
  8. install scripts for diskless or disked based systems
  9. boot scripts