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This process has changed and the new process will be detailed soon. This will attempt to highlight some of the requirements/process intended/followed for porting lmce to raspbian for use on the raspberry pi.

Test Booting a moonPi

Following these instructions will allow you to netboot your pi off the core and bring you to a console where you can login.

  • on the core
    • sqlCVS update the 'dce' repository AND the 'ir' repository to get the new device template (if you don't have it)
    • get the latest Diskless_CreateTBZ.sh and copy it to /usr/pluto/bin on your core.
    • edit /usr/pluto/bin/Diskless_CreateTBZ.sh to enable "raspbian_armhf" as a TARGET_TYPE
    • run /usr/pluto/bin/Diskless_CreateTBZ.sh to create a raspbian tarball
    • add "Raspberry Pi as MD" (#2216) device to the root of your device tree, be sure to specify the MAC address of your RPi
    • choose "Rebuild Image" on your RPi device in the Wizard->Devices->Media Directors section of the webadmin
  • on any system
    • dd an existing raspbian sd image from raspberrypi.org onto an sd card and edit the cmdline.txt file in the fat32 partition
    • replace XX with the moon# of the MD you created when manually adding the DT to your system
dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=ttyAMA0,115200 kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= ip=dhcp rootfstype=nfs
  • on RPi
    • plug in sdcard, hdmi, ethernet, turn on... mmmm, moonpi...
    • ssh is installed, typical md filesystem mounts are in /etc/fstab, mount -a to mount them (some may go away due to arch differences in future)

Sound on moonPi

This makes your sound over HDMI work.

  • on RPi
    • echo 'snd-bcm2835' >> /etc/modules
    • apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils pulseaudio

If you type the following command you should hear noise:


Next step will be to get audio playback and embedded phone working with sound.

LMCE Packages

Most LMCE packages have been compiled for rpi. These are not updated with changes to install/boot properly at this point. - Coming...

  • LMCE packages for Raspberry Pi are temporarily available from the following repository source:
echo 'deb http://dl.dropbox.com/u/118201886/raspbian wheezy main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list


Creating Pi MD


  • avwizard
    • avwizard may be adaptable for rpi use, needs investigating
    • graphics setup is performed by gpu prior to the kernel boot. - need reboot to change resolution/overscan settings
    • method of setting/determining graphics mode - config.txt - changing anything requires reboot for gpu init
    • turbo mode settings here?


  • need omxplayer_player/plugin pair - next in line


  • arm libs required for pre-compiled libraries (external media identifier?/id-my-disc?, more?)
  • mythtv frontend is too heavy for RPi - cannot run
  • vdr playback?


New database data

Linuxmce uses the database at build time when creating deb packages for dependencies and later at install time to install those dependencies, add repositories to /etc/sources.list and so on. Since on every release some packages tend to change names or split/merge into others, updating the packages tables is time consuming and you need to do some install/fix cycles before figuring them all out.

Add Distro and Repositories

  • update the 'Distro' table, add Raspbian: (then sqlCVS diff/get batch approved/sqlCVS udpate) - Done.
insert into Distro (Description, FK_OperatingSystem, Installer, SourceCode, Confirmed, InstallerURL ) values ('Raspbian Wheezy', 1, 'ConfirmDependencies_Debian.sh', 'src', 1, 'installDebian.php')
  • update the 'RepositorySource' table, add the main raspbian repo and an lmce raspbian repo [2 entries]: (then sqlCVS diff/get batch approved/sqlCVS update) - Done.
insert into RepositorySource (FK_OperatingSystem, FK_Distro, FK_RepositoryType, Description, Define, Instructions) values ( 1, 19, 1, 'Raspbian', 'Raspbian', 'This package is part of Raspbian')
insert into RepositorySource (FK_OperatingSystem, FK_Distro, FK_RepositoryType, Description, Instructions) values (1, 19, 1, 'Raspbian LinuxMCE addons', 'LinuxMCE packages for Raspbian')
  • update the 'RepositorySource_URL' table, add the URLs for the 2 repositories above [2 entries]: (then sqlCVS diff/get batch approved/sqlCVS update) - Done.
insert into RepositorySource_URL (FK_RepositorySource, URL) values ( 22, 'deb http://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian')
insert into RepositorySource_URL (FK_RepositorySource, URL) values ( 23, 'deb http://deb.linuxmce.org/raspbian')

Add Packages

For packages we are going to copy the entire bank of ubuntu and lmce packages for 1004 to raspbian wheezy entries, then we'll fix up individual package names afterwards.

  • update the 'Package_Source' table, add all Packages from ubuntu lucid as a base, copy ubuntu repo packages and lmce repo packages: (then sqlCVS diff/approval/update) - Done.
insert into Package_Source (FK_Package, Name, FK_RepositorySource, Repository)select FK_Package, Name, "22", "wheezy main" from Package_Source join Package_Source_Compat on Package_Source.PK_Package_Source=Package_Source_Compat.FK_Package_Source where FK_Distro=18 and FK_RepositorySource IN ( 1, 2, 20) 
insert into Package_Source (FK_Package, Name, FK_RepositorySource, Repository)select FK_Package, Name, "23", "wheezy main" from Package_Source join Package_Source_Compat on Package_Source.PK_Package_Source=Package_Source_Compat.FK_Package_Source where FK_Distro=18 and FK_RepositorySource=21
  • update the 'Package_Source_Compat' table, add OS and Distro for all Raspbian packages added in previous inserts: (then sqlCVS diff/approval/update) - Done
insert into Package_Source_Compat (FK_Package_Source, FK_OperatingSystem, FK_Distro) select PK_Package_Source, "1", "19" from Package_Source where FK_RepositorySource in (22,23)
  • fix package names that are inconsistent between raspbian and ubuntu: (then sqlCVS diff/approval/update) - Initially Done, likely find more inconsistencies


Many scripts are used to create a builder and perform a build.

  • build a builder - based on an old create_builder.sh script - done
    • creates raspbian build environment AND lucid i386 build environments (one script to build them all :P)
    • source is shared between multiple chroot build environments
    • database is shared between multiple chroot build environments (mysqld runs on host system)
      • mysqld seg faults when run under static qemu in the armhf chroot, solution above
  • Conf files need update - most of this is done, needs a little re-work
    • builder.conf, raspbian.conf? (from ubuntu.conf/debian.conf)
    • Build dependencies list needs updating. - ongoing, lots to remove probably, needs testing (laborious)
  • build scripts need update - mostly done
    • alter prepare-scripts to accomodate new distro, new flavor and new arch, where required - done
      • create initial debootstrapped image - done
      • import-databases.sh - MakeRelease_PrepFiles fails prepping databases, I think this is a console command line length issue, import under lucid chroot to shared database for raspbian chroot build.
    • alter build-scripts to accomodate new distro, new flavor and new arch, where required - done
      • build-maindebs.sh - need to disable building some packages on RPi, namely game stuff and pre-built binary stuff (uirt, etc) - done
  • attempt a build - working... fixing... working... qemu building is stretching my patience and failing in strange ways, may need to go back to cross-compiling, scratchbox2 was working well.
    • this takes a long, long time. Right now build time on 4 cores (@ 3.4Ghz) under qemu is ~4.5hrs between start of build and package failures, havn't reached the end yet...
    • it has come to my attention that qmake (which is required to build qOrbiter) may not fuction under qemu, need to setup a build-env for qOrbiter and work the lmce build into that environment... http://qt-project.org/wiki/RaspberryPi ???

Creating Pi MD

Device Template

  • Device Template #2216, sqlCVS update if you want it
  • a device template for the Pi so it's specific MD needs are recognized and implemented automatically, proper devices started. - done
  • mac lookup: B8:27:EB:00:00:00 - B8:27:EB:FF:FF:FF Raspberry Pi Foundation
    • /usr/pluto/bin/convert_mac B8:27:EB:00:00:00 = 202481585881088
    • /usr/pluto/bin/convert_mac B8:27:EB:FF:FF:FF = 202481602658303


  • initially user will add a DT to their system manually - works
  • build a complete diskless image from the initial debootstrapped image to untar similar to current i386 - works
  • alter the diskless setup scripts to create raspbian /usr/pluto/diskless/XX folders from debootstrapped image or from scratch (similar to current i386) - works
    • Diskless_CreateTBZ.sh needs to be edited to enable building a raspbian tarball as well as the standard ubuntu tarball, uncomment appropriate line at top of file - works


  • update the raspbian repository to mirrordirector.raspbian.org from archive.raspbian.org


  • USB-UIRT - needs changes to listserialports.sh for rpi serial reporting differences - works


  • need a permanent home on linuxmce.org or semi-permanent elsewhere to further dev work - temporary is up - works

Creating Pi MD

Booting - Goal

  • sdcard formatted with RPi u-boot files (can be done easily from a Windows PC or ...) - works
  • diskless boot (nfs rootfs actually) - u-boot would allow very easy integration - PXE style simplicity for Pi MD creation - u-boot pxe boot - works
    • NewMDInteractor - works
  • boot scripts - works