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If you are having problems accessing the webadmin site the following might be useful;

Linux MCE assumes it is DHCP controller for the network and as such assumes its IP address wil be When you select WEBADMIN the firefox session will be pointed to expecting the webadmin to be there.

If (say your router is DHCP or you have another DHCP controller on your network) your IP address is different you will just get a page not found error.

Drop to the KDE desktop and open up a Konsole session. Type then enter the following;

Sudo ifconfig -a

This will list your IP address against eth0 (your ethernet card). IF you copy and paste that IP address into a Firefox session you should now see the webadmin.

TODO post picture of ifconfig -a

      • PLEASE NOTE*** The above is describing a failure case within MCE and how to get access to your webadmin. You should set MCE up to be the DHCP controller for its internal network for lots of reasons (which you can find by searching). If however for some reason you are having problems accessing Webadmin the above is a good place to start.