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Diffs have been made for Psych Desktop so that it auths against pluto's user table, and uses the home folders for each user.

Here is the diff: [1]

To apply, just run the following command in the installation directory (the dir that has the 'backend' folder in it):

patch -p0 < linuxMCE.diff

The diffs were made from revision 2369 of Psych Desktop, but will be updated at request.

Follow the installation from source docs, but before building the desktop, apply the patch. You should checkout the source code into /var/www/. The desktop will be accessible from Make sure the www-data user has access to the home directories, otherwise the files will not be able to be modified from the desktop.

Once you've set it up, make sure you add a "plutodatabase" param in /backend/configuration.php so that it can read pluto's database:

$GLOBALS['db'] = Array(
	"database" => "mysqli://desktop:cba8b3b628915999ccac77f698e418fe@localhost/desktop",
	"plutodatabase" => "mysqli://desktop:cba8b3b628915999ccac77f698e418fe@localhost/pluto_main",
	"prefix" => ""

Make sure that the user you provide in the configuration file has permissions to read the pluto_main database