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This page is meant as a roadmap to existing and expected qOrbiter targets, including specific requirements of each.

Forward Roadmap of current and future qOrbiter targets:

  1. OnScreen Orbiters (other apps available and non-integrated media)
    1. Window Managed
      1. X11 (Linux - i386)
    2. Non-Window Managed (Wayland/Weston window managed in the future)
      1. EGLFS (rpi,armhf)
  2. Non-OnScreen Orbiters (integrated media)
    1. Desktops/Laptops (Linux/Windows/Mac)
    2. Mobile Tablets/Phones (Android/iOS)


Linux is the main platform qOrbiter is developed on.

  • LinuxMCE 1204 - Qt lib version = 4.8.3
  • LinuxMCE 1404 - Qt lib version = 5.2.3
  • LinuxMCE RPi - Qt lib version = 5.2.0

Relevant directories



Android is the main target for smaller skins.

  • Qt lib version = 4.8.2 (necessitas)
  • Qt lib version = 5.?.? NDK

Relevant directories



Symbian could be target. We need developers for this.

Qt lib version = 4.8.x (latest 4.x should always be usable. Details on QtProject

Relevant directories

no specific QML created as of yet posde

Windows x86

Windows x86 successfully builds with the MSVC compiler.

Unfortunately, there is a segfault that happens shortly after skin-loading takes place. The root cause of the segfault has not yet been determined.

Qt lib version = 4.8.x (latest 4.x should be usable)

Relevant directories


Windows RT

Windows RT could be a target, but there are no devs for it atm.

In order to work on WinRT, QOrbiter will need to be made into a Windows Store app. There are a few dependency hurdles that will need to be cleared in order for that to happen.

  • QT libs needs to be ported to WinRT.
    • Status of that project can be found here: [1]
  • DCE and other supporting LinuxMCE libs need to be ported to WinRT.
    • Not all win32 apis are available from the Windows Store app sandbox. Threading and sockets come to mind. Significant re-write and/or shims may be necessary.

Qt lib version = QT5


  • iOS support added as the Qt 5.3 release.

Relevant Directories



  • Qt lib version = 4.8.x builds to real OSX .app bundle with icon. Does actually work (checked may 2013)
  • Qt lib version = 5 does not compile atm