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Please create a wiki on linuxmce.com with installation instructions that includes screen shots (ie the ubuntu desktop with installer, etc.), download links, etc. making it step-by-step how to get linux mce installed and configured. Make this a quick start guide. Also, make a wiki page that shows the UI options and includes a screen shot of the main menu, media browser, dvd control options, etc., in ui1, ui2 with alpha blending, and ui2 with masking. For the UI2’s, capture at 1280x720. For the UI1, at 800x600. Have them arranged in a grid on a wiki page (ie 3 columns for the 3 ui’s, and a list of all the screens, with a thumbnail in each cell that when clicked shows the full-screen). I don’t know how to do a screen capture in Linux, but maybe Alex can help.

Bubu1 Bubu2 Bubu3