Remotec Z-URC 550EU

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Remotec Z-URC 550EU


By combining traditional IR universal remote control expertise with Z-Wave® (RF) technology, this device fulfills the role of “One Home, One Remote.” Z-URC’s dual IR/RF capabilities allow you to control virtually any electronic device in your household. Whether it is for simple home electronics, outdoor lighting or that high end home entertainment system.

  • Z-wave and IR enabled portable home controller
  • Controls a wide range of Z-Wave compliant appliances such as switches, dimmers, drape controllers and motorized shades.
  • Supports up to 16 Z-wave GROUP or SCENE
  • Supports 8 IR controlled A/V equipments with Learning Capability
  • Easy-to-use XpressZetup™ for typical users and powerful Advance Setup for experienced users
  • Best-in-class Association setup capability
  • Perfect Gateway companion - work perfectly as a secondary controller
  • Supports bi-direction and multi-level replication - simplify cloning
  • Dedicated control keys for popular set top box - a real remote replacement
  • IR Boost mode to extend IR transmission range and angle
  • Optimized Z-Wave RF operating distance: Up to 300ft at open area


  • Supported Devices: All AV appliances plus Z-Wave enabled devices
  • Max IR devices: 8 devices for Z-URC 550 with learning
  • RF control: Z-Wave compliant switch, dimmer devices and door sensor. Support Group
  • Max Z-Wave devices: Max. 232 devices in 16 groups
  • Power source: 3 X AAA Battery
  • IR signal Transmission distance: Normal mode (1x IR diode) 8 meter in straight line, 5 meters within 30 degree conical. Boost mode (3 x IR diode) 10 meter in straight line, 8 meters within 30 degree vertical angle, 5 meter within 120 degree horizontal
  • Z-Wave covering range: Point to point appox. 30 meter (unlimited range through mesh networking)

Add as inclusion controller in LMCE

This device can be added as inclusion controller and remote controller in your existing Z-Wave. Read for more information. To add this device to your network log in to your web admin. Under device-tree choose your Z-Wave node. Click on "Send command to device" and choose Add Node from the dropdown. Click SEND. On your Remotec open the panel on the back of your device where all the z-wave network control buttons are hidden behind. Forget the XpressZetup buttons, they won't be of any use if used in LMCE. Go into advanced config mode by holding "Conf" and "Remove" button together for 3 seconds. Go into learning mode by entering 8363 on the green group number buttons. If the red error led will not blink then everything went well. Your controller should now show up in LMCE. If not try a quick reload.

Including other devices using the ZURC

From now on you can use your Remotec to include other devices to the Z-Wave network simply by pushing the following button sequence: "Conf", "Add", "Device" and then push the button on your target device (see target device manual)

Removing other devices using the ZURC

You can also use your Remotec to delete other devices from your Z-Wave network by pushing the following button sequence: "Conf", "Delete", "Device" and then push the button on your target device (see target device manual)