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Respond to Events Admin Page

This page makes it easy to tell LinuxMCE to do things in response to several pre-defined events. One of the most common events is "Watching Media", or "Listening to Media". Let's say you want the lights to dim whenever someone is watching something on the tv. You could add the appropriate commands to all the media scenarios that involve the tv. However LinuxMCE will automatically fire a watching media event whenever video starts playing, and a listening to audio event whenever audio without video starts playing. So you can add 1 event handler to indicate what you want to do in such situations, and then you do not need to attach the commands to the individual scenarios.

Another common use is to tell LinuxMCE to do something when a sensor is tripped, like turn on a light. You can also indicate how LinuxMCE should respond to a security breach or a fire alarm. There are several events to choose from. Pick the event you want, then specify any parameters for that event along with the commands, or actions, you want to be executed when that event occurs.

Note that you can create several event handlers for the same event all with different criteria. For example, you could have an event handler for "Watching Media" when it occurs in the living room during daylight hours that closes the blinds. You could add another event handler for "Watching Media" in the same room for nighttime that dims the lights.