Roadmap for 1204

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While the title is "Roadmap for 1204", the purpose of this page is to give readers a general overview of the intentions of the developers of what their main focus is for the 1204 release. The trac timeline should be the definitive guide to what is actually done code-wise. Trac tickets should be included in this list for reference as much as possible.

Even though a specific feature is listed here, there is no requirement that it should be included in the release, it is merely a guideline of what might be expected during this release. You are advised to see trac for the definitive list of tickets that are slated for 1204.

  • sambuca
    • DLNA device - be able to "Play To" LMCE devices (for instance, using a Android phone, select "play to LMCE MD #x"
    • ZWave-OZW - a ZWave driver/device based on the OpenZWave library (Hari is also a big part in this item)
    • Help possy integrate VDR into LMCE
    • Other interesting stuff - like helping the qOrbiter take form or keeping the code clean
  • phenigma
    • Raspberry Pi media director - Initially UI1 with all the Orbiter fixin's.
    • Help move install scripts, etc, into packages for core/hybrid or MD installation. ex: apt-get install lmce-rpi-md
    • Database & MakeRelease/ConfirmDependencies - house-cleaning, default repo definitions/sources.list, dependency verification
    • Testing - QA as much as possible
    • pipedream - Pulseaudio integration, per application volume, source/sink selection and bouncing (golgoj5's headphones)
  • golgoj4/Langstonius Rex
    • QOrbiter as the default on screen orbiter
    • Android implementaton of all media options including tv and dvds.
    • QOrbiter on raspberry pi
    • Integration of online media sources in an easier, more extensible fashion.
    • External data like traffic, weather integrated.
    • pipedream - Pulseaudio integration, per app volume, source / sink selection and custom output direction.
  • Your name/alias
    • Your objectives
    • ..