Samsung HL-S5087

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Usage Information



  • General info
    • 50 inch
    • DLP
    • 1080p capable with lmce, if you can get around the bug
    • I'd put more info, but it's no longer available for purchase. Either you have one, or you don't.

If you own this tv, be aware that there is a bug in the nVidia code (post 195) that does not play nice with this tv when connected to a MD by HDMI. In my case, connecting the MD's HDMI to a Denon amp, and then connecting the amp to the tv by HDMI fixed this problem completely.

You'll know you have this bug if you have the tv hooked up while setting up your MD. You'll be able to see console prompts as they scroll by, but when it's time for the AVWizard to pop up, the screen will go black and you'll see the error message "Weak or no signal." If you are able to push an audio signal through the MD, the AVWizard screen will appear. As soon as the audio is gone, so is the video.

  • Not-confirmed-working alternatives
    • DVI
    • Component
    • HDMI switch