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810 relevant 16th July 2010 daballiemo
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Usage Information

Setting up a Samsung LE26R71B for LinuxMCE involves a couple of steps:

1) Setup the MD to have the right screen size:

In the settingspagefor the specific MD set the following fields to their respective value's:

Video settings: 1360 768/60
TV Standard:    1360x768

Make sure to press update!!

2) Change the xorg.conf for your MD using the informational configuration beneath:

Section "Monitor"
   Identifier     "Monitor0"
   VendorName     "Samsung"
   ModelName      "LE26R71b (X)"
      DisplaySize             349 196
         Modeline        "1360x768" 85.800 1360 1400 1534 1800 768 771 781 794
         HorizSync	30-61
         VertRefresh	60-75
Section "Screen"
   Identifier     "Screen0"
   Device         "Card0"
   Monitor        "Monitor0"
   DefaultDepth    24
         SubSection "Display"
             Modes		"1360x768"
         Option         "TVStandard"	"1360x768"
Section "Device"
         Option "UseEDID" "false"

3) regenerate the orbiter for the MD and quick reload the router

4) Make sure you're new xorg.conf will not be overwritten (see Display_Drivers)

4) reboot the MD to accept the new xorg.conf

Have Fun