Samsung TX-R3079WH

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  • 30" (diagonal) widescreen CRT television
  • Slim Depth CRT; 1/3 Thinner than Regular Flat CRT
  • Connections
    • RF Input: 1 Rear
    • Auto Sensing Component Inputs (480i/480p/1080i): 2 Rear
    • S-Video Inputs: 1 Side, 1 Rear (shared)
    • Fixed A/V Monitor Output: 1 Rear
    • 4 Composite A/V Inputs: 1 Side, 3 Rear (shared)

Picture fidelity

  • Generally good, although adjusting for overscan causes slight distortion (approximately 1cm strip) on right side of screen.
  • Video picture excellent in 1080i mode, but when used with LMCE 7.10b3 and a GeForce 6200 graphics card, causes slow response when browsing media.


  • HDMI Input with native 420p, 720p and 1080i
  • Simple User menu interface


  • At 120 lbs. not an easy TV to transport. (But that much harder to steal)
  • No RS232 port ( Control_A/V_equipment_with_RS232/USB/Ethernet )
  • Overscans LMCE input and must be manually adjusted to display properly
  • At 720p/1080i KDE Desktop script is nearly impossible to read. (Attempted to manually adjust dpi settings without success.)


  • After initial difficulty with overscan, unit has been quite usable.
  • Although I would not recommend this TV as a new purchase for a LMCE display, for those who have one already it is compatible.

Xorg.conf Specs

The following Xorg.conf settings were useful in obtaining a proper display.

Additional Info

As is it not included in the Owner's Manual, I have provided links to the section of the Alignment Manual needed to adjust for the overscan.