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Advanced Scenarios Admin Page

These pages create your scenarios. Each scenario is a group of commands, or tasks, that appears on the Orbiter as a button. The wizard allows you to quickly create scenarios to do the most common tasks.

You may have noticed the left most frame has now changed to give a different set of options. These are the links to the specific pages regarding the scenarios describe.

For example, the lighting scenario wizard shows you all the lights in your home and lets you easily chose settings for each one. Note that a scenario can do anything you want. If you want to do something more advanced, click on Advanced --> Configuration --> Scenarios. Then you can add any sort of actions to your scenarios. For example, you may using the wizard to create a lighting scenario called 'Bedtime' that turns off all the lights in the house. You could then go to the Advanced --> Configuration --> Scenarios editor and specify that you also want the scenario to set the alarm, and change all the user status's to sleeping.

Links for more detailed information on Scenarios: