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Also known as '''Orbiter's Embedded Phone''' (device template 1759).
Also known as '''Orbiter's Embedded Phone''' (device template 1759).
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Also known as Orbiter's Embedded Phone (device template 1759).


Is a softphone based on libiaxclient. It uses about 10-15 library calls and if there weren't DCE part it could be written in 100 lines of code. Theoretically the library is highly portable so it can be used also in Windows (maybe even in MS tablets) and Mac OS.

It can handle one call at a time, all user interaction is actually performed by Orbiter which sends DCE commands via Telecom_Plugin to the SimplePhone (like CMD_Phone_Initiate, CMD_Phone_Answer, CMD_Phone_Drop).

It also is the one responsible for a important security feature Speak in the house. It can autoanswer on a specific caller id. You will be added in conference room with all SimplePhone in the house and everything you say will be repeated on each and every one of them.

Known issues

In linux it's an OSS application (because of portaudio v18), when v19 will be available it will support ALSA. Because LinuxMCE don't use any sound server (like esd or something similar) there can be following problems:

  • On startup if sound device is used by some other application it mai fail to start
  • When trying to actually do a call it sends CMD_MH_Stop_Media to free the sound device for the call, however I saw that Xine is not always do so (mantis #1586)