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Dutch Smart Energy Meter (Slimme Meter)


1 Short Description

2 Hardware

3 Software

Short Description

In the Netherlands it is very common to have a smart energy meter. This meter measures all electricity and gas usage in the home. On this meter is an interface for the customer. This interface can be connected via a serial interface to the LMCE Core and all data can be logged.

There are some differences between different manufacturers of these meters, this information can be widely found on the internet.


The serial interface on the meter is mostly rs232, but the tx is inversed. I have used an arduino as a converter to interface with the meter with 9600 baud, 7 bits, with parity, to the LMCE core on 9600 baud 8 bits, and no parity. There is a lot of information on how to connect onthe internet, just use google.

This is my arduino code. 3 wire should be connected, RTS = pin 4, Data on pin 10, and ground.

.#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
const int requestPin = 4;
int incomingByte = 0;
String inputString = "";
boolean start_p1_record;
boolean data_ready = false;

SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11, true); // RX, TX, inverted, buffer

void setup () {

Serial.println("P1 Smart meter reading - START\n");

pinMode(requestPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(requestPin, HIGH);

void loop () {
while (mySerial.available() > 0) {

incomingByte =;
incomingByte &= ~(1 << 7);
char inChar = (char)incomingByte;



Its probably a good idea to have the Datalogger plugin installed on your core.

To install the device for the Smart Energy Meter open the webadmin, Advanced, Configuration, Devices. Select the Core and click Create Child Device, Pick Device Template, and use DT 2347.

Now all is finished, and the energy usage is monitored, the data can be seen via Data Logger.