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(Failed Installations)
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     <td bgcolor="#3399CC">'''Diskless MD creation'''</td>
     <td bgcolor="#3399CC">'''Diskless MD creation'''</td>
     <td bgcolor="grey">'''????'''</td><!----Enter VM Status ---------->
     <td bgcolor="green">'''Pass'''</td><!----Enter VM Status ---------->
     <td bgcolor="grey">'''????'''</td><!----Enter Hardware Status ---------->
     <td bgcolor="grey">'''????'''</td><!----Enter Hardware Status ---------->

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This page will help users to pick a snapshot for testing or use. You can download from this page http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/. Not all snapshots work, so please choose ones below that are reported working. You can find an overview of fixes and listed bugs here http://svn.linuxmce.org/trac.cgi/report/1?sort=type&asc=1&page=1. If you find unreported bugs please report them in the svn. This page is a work in progress but the information is valid.

Recommended Download

LMCE-1004-20120413131325885.iso [1]


[2] 1004-20120413131325885.iso 13-Apr-2012 14:15 VM Hardware
Audio Pass ????
Video - Stored media / DVD Playback Pass ????
Diskless MD creation Pass ????
MythTV N/A ????
VDR N/A ????
Online Services Pass ????
Automation - Insteon N/A ????
Automation - X10 N/A ????
Automation - Zwave N/A ????
Networking Pass ????
Security N/A; ????
Telecom N/A ????

VM Install Remarks


vesa graphics will not show bootsplash, instead displaying backgrounding errors. These erros occur on every Ubuntu/Kubuntu disk, you typically do not see them because their bootsplash is different than ours, so please disregard them. L3mce

Failed Installations

LMCE-1004-201203181915.iso 18-Mar-2012 19:17 FAIL AV-wizard loops.

Previous succesfull installs

LMCE-1004-201203211118.iso 21-Mar-2012 11:15 | PASS Press enter at start
LMCE-1004-201203211118.iso 21-Mar-2012 11:15 | PASS Press enter at start | Ignore "stdin: error 0"
LMCE-1004-201203120037.iso 12-Mar-2012 03:14 | PASS Press enter at start | Ignore "stdin: error 0"