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This page will help users to pick a snapshot for testing or use. You can download from this page Not all snapshots work, so please choose one of the listed good ones if your intention is use for a production system. You can see fixes and gooey squashed bugs here. Report problems in the forum or in svn. This page is a work in progress but the information is valid.

Looking for Snapshot Testing perhaps?

Recommended Download

[1] 24-May-2011 08:16 3.5G VM Hardware
Audio Pass ????
Video - Stored media / DVD Playback Pass ????
MythTV N/A ????
VDR N/A ????
Online Services Pass ????
Automation - Insteon N/A ????
Automation - X10 N/A ????
Automation - Zwave N/A ????
Networking Pass ????
Security N/A; ????
Telecom N/A ????

VM Install Remarks

Tested installation / AV Wizard provided sound / Sara seen and heared / Ignore kde-sudo error

Physical Install Remarks

Previous installs

LinuxMCE-8.10-23951-i386.iso 15-May-2011 04:16 3.5G | PASS Ignore kde-sudo error

Reported Issues


Failed Installations

LinuxMCE-8.10-23605-i386.iso 12-Jan-2011 08:16 2.2G | FAILED 12-01-2011
After 2nd reboot message | AVWIZARD failed to setup X
possible solution
see ticket