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LinuxMCE Home Software Sections

Since independent programmers are welcome to make contributions, the software modules in LinuxMCE are provided by both the LinuxMCE team and our community of independent programmers. In this documentation, the software modules are categorized based on their source.

Software written by the LinuxMCE developers:

  • Core Programs
  • Libraries
  • Utilities
  • DCE Devices and Plug-ins

Software written by the community (3rd party modules):

  • Plug-ins
  • 3rd party DCE Devices and Utilities

The following index provides links to the sections of the documentation that details the individual software modules and explain how to use, configure, or program them.

LinuxMCE software components index

DCE Router

User's manual
DCE Router Programmer's Guide
Orbiter and Mobile Orbiter
LinuxMCE Kick-Start
LinuxMCE Orbiter Symbian
BD - Bidirectional command processor
RA - Client/Server Request-Action
LinuxMCE Libraries DCE
Pluto_main database
Orbiter Generator
DCE Generator
DHCP Plug and Play
LinuxMCE Scripts
Do I want a dedicated Core?

LinuxMCE DCE Devices

Bluetooth Dongle
LinuxMCE App Server
LinuxMCE Disk Drive
LinuxMCE GC 100
LinuxMCE MythTV Player
LinuxMCE Xine Player
LinuxMCE Asterisk
LinuxMCE Mozilla Plug-in
LinuxMCE MythTV Plug-in
LinuxMCE Standard Plug-ins
LinuxMCE Xine Plug-in
Media Identifiers
Bang & Olufsen Systems
CX88 Blackbird Drivers