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This page is obsolete, please use a single page for each piece of hardware and add it to the relevant categories as described here: Adding your own hardware

This is a list of sound cards and our experiences with them

Card Chip Type PCI ID Subsystem Notes
VIA 8237 Realtek ALC655 rev 0 on-board 1106:3059 1565:8212 Analog Stereo

S/PDIF: PCM, AC3/DTS passthrough

HDA NVidia Analog Devices AD1986A on-board (ASUS M2NPV-VM) 10DE:026C 10DE:CB84 Analog Stereo: this driver is 5.1 native, not stereo. One of the speakers probably gets the LFE and that gives a high pitched sound in the headphones

S/PDIF: PCM, AC3/DTS passthrough

Intel ICH5 Analog Devices AD1888 on-board 8086:24D5 1043:810D Analog Stereo

S/PDIF: PCM, AC3/DTS passthrough

SB Live [Unknown] SigmaTel STAC9708,11 PCI 1102:0002 1102:8067 Analog Stereo works

S/PDIF is not reliable. At first, there was no S/PDIF output, but, at some point, passthrough started working, but not PCM. On another variation of this card (different subsystem), PCM worked (but not passthrough) after enabling the AC97 loopback (snd-ac97-codec module parameter) and unmuting the ADC/DAC control in alsamixer, but not on this one. When trying to play PCM through S/PDIF, this card clicks once every few seconds (once S/PDIF started to work that is) until the playing is stopped.

NVidia CK804 Realtek ALC850 rev 0 on-board (ASUS A8N-E) 10de:0059 1043:812a Analog Stereo works

S/PDIF output works with additional configuration (see below)

NVidia CK804

In the pluto-admin website under "Wizard:Devices:Media Directors" set the audio to "Manual settings" with "AC3 pass-through" checked for the desired Media Director.


Info to come


Info to come


Make the following change to /etc/pluto/xine.conf
Change "#audio.speaker_arrangement:Stereo 2.0"
To read "audio.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through"

If you still do not have success with your CK804 chip, but the KDE sounds come out just fine, change /etc/pluto/xine.conf Change "audio.alsa_front_device:asym_spdif" To read "audio.alsa_front_device:default"