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DVD subtitles

Xine Player supports DVD subtitles for a long time, you can change the subtitles language (or switch them off) via the DVD options in Orbiter.

External subtitles for video files (AVI, etc.)

Starting from 0710 release, Xine Player supports also loading of external subtitles (i.e. for stored video, there can be a separate subtitles file). The external subtitles support is basic for now: Xine Player always loads external subtitles file if it is present, there is no option to switch subtitles off and Xine Player uses first found subtitles file if multiple subtitle files are present.

Xine Player search for the following files presence if user plays file Movie.avi:

  • Movie.avi.asc
  • Movie.avi.txt
  • Movie.avi.sub
  • Movie.avi.smi
  • Movie.avi.ssa

The subtitles file should be stored in the same folder as the Movie.avi file. Note, search is case-sensitive.

Customizing subtitles font, size, encoding properties

Currently, there is no subtitles properties editor in the LinuxMCE. To modify subtitles properties, you need to open file "/etc/pluto/xine.conf" at your Hybrid or M/D system and adjust the following parameters (here goes the extract from the xine configuration file):

# subtitle size
# { tiny  small  normal  large  very large  huge }, default: 1

# subtitle vertical offset
# numeric, default: 0

# font for subtitles
# string, default: sans

# encoding of the subtitles
# string, default: iso-8859-1

# use unscaled OSD if possible
# bool, default: 1

# default duration of subtitle display in seconds
# numeric, default: 4

If you don't have these options in your /etc/pluto/xine.conf file, then copy the snippet above, change and uncomment the necessary options ( subtitles.something.something_else lines)

After saving the changes, you may need to run the following command to kill the current instance of Xine_Player and then restart the movie before you see the changes:

sudo killall -9 Xine_Player