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    LinuxMCE Home
                        PC Hardware & Peripherals
                                Why dual network cards?
                        Recommended Accessories
                        Building from source
                        Kick-Start CD
                                Installing on a new platform
                        Network Boot for Media Directors
                        Encrypted DVD's
                Wiring Considerations
                Choosing Locations
                Quick Start Guides
                        Picking the right components
                        Installing the software
                        Installing the hardware
                        Tell LinuxMCE about your home
                                Testing and troubleshooting devices
                                Real world example
                                Setting up MythTV
                        Using LinuxMCE
        User's Manual
                Security & Privacy Issues
                What can I do with LinuxMCE?
                                Control LinuxMCE using a Windows device as an Orbiter
                                Control LinuxMCE using a Symbian Series 60 mobile phone with Bl
                                Control LinuxMCE using other types of mobile phones
                                Control LinuxMCE using an Infrared remote
                                Add support for new remote controls
                                Automatic diskless boot of media directors
                                Change the look and feel of the Orbiter
                                Create my own skins or GUI for LinuxMCE
                                Translate the GUI into another language
                                Use network audio players for a whole-house music solution
                                Control a TV or cable/satellite box
                                Watch a DVD/Listen to a CD
                                Have LinuxMCE automatically control the TV and Stereo
                                Rip a CD/DVD to the Core
                                Watch/Listen to media stored on the Core
                                Play the same media in multiple rooms simultaneously
                                Search for media by attributes using the Orbiters
                                Flag media stored on the core as private
                                Flag whatever media I am watching now as private
                                Catalog media with attributes
                                Control regular A/V equipment
                                Control A/V equipment with RS232/USB/Ethernet
                                Make LinuxMCE do something when I start media
                                Have my media follow me
                                Make announcements
                                Control the media director's volume using either a receiver
                                Use a satellite/cable box with the PVR
                        What modules are in development?
                                Control lights/climate using scenarios
                                Control lights or climate with a floorplan
                                Make things happen at set times or intervals
                                Make things happen when I enter a room
                                Have my lighting or climate settings follow me
                                Make things happen at sunrise/sunset
                                Have external devices control LinuxMCE
                                Monitor surveillance cameras
                                Arm or disarm the alarm using the Orbiters
                                Automatically take pictures when sensors are disturbed
                                Have LinuxMCE notify me of security alerts
        Programmer's Guide
                Why should I use the LinuxMCE platform for my project?
                Overview of the software modules
                A new concept in collaborative development
                Adding support for home automation devices
        LinuxMCE Admin Website
                Wizard Pages
                        Basic Info
                                Devices Security
                                Media Directors
                                AV Devices
                                        Infrared Codes
                                                Learning/typing my own code
                                        AV Properties
                                        TOAD vs Discrete Codes
                                Surveillance Cameras
                                Phone Lines
                                Phone Extensions
                                Lighting Scenarios
                                Climate Scenarios
                                Media Scenarios
                                Scenarios Security
                                Respond to Events
                                Timed Events
                                Active sensors
                                Security-Video Links
                                Settings By Alert Type
                                Outside Access
                Advanced Pages
                        Device Templates
                                List Page
                                Edit Page
                                        Design Objects
                        Advanced Pages Devices
                        Advanced Pages Scenarios
                        Boot Sequence
                        Network Settings
                        Add Software
                        Privacy Settings
                        Advanced Pages Events
                        Device Status
                        Execute Scenarios
                        Alert Logs
                        Mode Change Logs
                        View Cameras
        LinuxMCE Home Software
                        DCE Router
                                User's manual
                                DCE Router Programmer's Guide
                                        Command Line Options
                                        Message Interceptors
                                Orbiter User's manual
                                        Who Am I, Where Am I
                                        The Main Menu
                                Orbiter Programmer's Guide
                        Mobile Orbiter
                                Designer User's manual
                                Text Formatting Options
                                sqlCVS User's manual
                                        Naming of Foreign Keys, Indirect Keys, External Keys
                                        What do the psc_ fields do?
                                        What do the psc tables do?
                                sqlCVS Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Kick-Start
                        LinuxMCE Orbiter Symbian
                                LinuxMCE Orbiter Symbian User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Orbiter Symbian Programmer's Guide
                        BD - Bidirectional command processor
                        RA - Client/Server Request-Action
                        LinuxMCE Libraries DCE
                                Does the device Implement DCE?
                                Understanding Controlled Via (aka Parent)
                                Make a DCE Device in 5 minutes
                                Why DCE complements UPNP, XAP, XPL and other standards?
                                Plain Text DCE Messages
                        LinuxMCE_main database
                        Orbiter Generator
                        DCE Generator
                        DHCP Plug and Play
                        LinuxMCE Scripts
                        Do I want a dedicated Core?
                LinuxMCE DCE Devices
                        Bluetooth Dongle
                                Bluetooth Dongle User's manual
                                Bluetooth Dongle Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE App Server
                                LinuxMCE App Server User's manual
                                LinuxMCE App Server Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Disk Drive
                                LinuxMCE Disk Drive User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Disk Drive Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE GC 100
                                LinuxMCE GC 100 User's manual
                                LinuxMCE GC 100 Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE MythTV Player
                                LinuxMCE MythTV Player User's manual
                                LinuxMCE MythTV Player Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Xine Player
                                LinuxMCE Xine Player User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Xine Player Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Asterisk
                                AMP Configuration Guide
                                        Free world dialup
                                        E-Fon (Switzerland)
                        LinuxMCE Mozilla Plug-in
                                LinuxMCE Mozilla Plug-in User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Mozilla Plug-in Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE MythTV Plug-in
                                LinuxMCE MythTV Plug-in User's manual
                                LinuxMCE MythTV Plug-in Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Standard Plug-ins
                                LinuxMCE Standard Plug-ins User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Standard Plug-ins Programmer's Guide
                        LinuxMCE Xine Plug-in
                                LinuxMCE Xine Plug-in User's manual
                                LinuxMCE Xine Plug-in Programmer's Guide
                        Media Identifiers
                        Bang & Olufsen Systems
                        CX88 Blackbird Drivers
                                CX88 Blackbird Drivers Programmer's Guide
                        Development status for all modules
                        What does an appliance solution like LinuxMCE cost?
                        Why buy a licensed LinuxMCE product? What's the difference?
                        Do I need LinuxMCE? Can I use the projects by themselves?
                        What if you don't have a driver for my home automation device
                        How are media files organized?
                        What scenarios are created automatically?
                        I'm a Linux user already. Should I use LinuxMCE's distribution?
                        I want my software to run on LinuxMCE but it isn't open source
                        Will you host, compile and support the LinuxMCE plug-ins for my
        Open Source Info
                Reset the password for the LinuxMCE Admin site
                I can't access my media files over the network
                How do I login to a Linux console?
    Online Documentation