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This page contains a basic roadmap, of what will be on my plate, should I manage to get funded to work on LinuxMCE.

The rule of this page is simple, anyone who wants me to work on something, scribble it on the talk page, talk about it there (be sure to put a mediawiki signature!), and then, We'll hash it out to be included here:

In addition to the 1204 bug page., Here are some medium/longer term tasks:

Things I am already Working on


  • Get Telecom system back up to feature parity.
    • Conferencing/Transferring calls
    • Speak in House/Broadcast to Media Directors


  • Refine AirPlay/AirTunes support. (device to MD)


  • Finish Weather for 1.0
    • Weather Device, to initially use NOAA
    • Web Admin Configuration Page

Things To Work on in the Future


  • Refine UPnP/DLNA support. (device to MD, house to device)
  • Collapse titles of same name in view. Expand to all items of same title name when selected (to help collapse TV shows, like-titled games, etc.)
  • Normalization of Attributes with articles (A, An, The)