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It has been reported that there are many installation problems, and that most users do not get the smooth '20 minutes plug and play to setup a whole house media + pvr + automation solution' which is what LinuxMCE promises and should be delivering. So Yahoo and Skype accounts have been setup to provide live and instant tech support via chat and voice. For both Yahoo and Skype the id is: linuxmce. It will be manned most of the time from Friday, March 30 through Sunday, April 1, and when possible at other times.

Thanks in advance to the users who take the time to try LinuxMCE and have the patience to let us diagnose the cause of any failures so the 1.1 release can deliver the 'works the first time' experience to a higher percentage of users. The goal now is to identify which installation problems are caused by bugs in LinuxMCE, which are user error, and which are bugs or incompatibilities in Linux drivers or hardware, and to determine what are the most important issues to address so the most number of users get a good 'works the first time' experience. A database will be created documenting which hardware configurations are known to work, which hardware has limited functionality, and which doesn't work as all, as well as to document any possible work-arounds and solutions. Also, bug reports will be created and the links to them posted so any users who may have hardware that is known not to work can see when the issues are resolved and their hardware will work the first time. And the installation instructions will be improved to reduce the amount of user error.