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It has been reported that there are many installation problems, and that most users do not get the smooth '20 minutes plug and play to setup a whole house media + pvr + automation solution' which is what LinuxMCE promises and should be delivering. So Yahoo and Skype accounts have been setup to provide live and instant tech support via chat and voice.

For both Yahoo and Skype the id's are: linuxmce, linuxmce4 and linuxmce5.

If one is not online, try the others. It will be manned as much as possible until any common installation issues are identified. This is to address installation/setup issues only, not answer general usage questions or how-to's, which should be directed to the forums.

Thanks in advance to the users who take the time to try LinuxMCE and have the patience to let us diagnose the cause of any failures so the 1.1 release can deliver the 'works the first time' experience to a higher percentage of users, making free, Linux-based home media pc's more accessible. The goal now is to create a database of hardware setups that are known to work, work arounds for issues when possible, and bug reports for any unresolvable issues so users can track when the issues are resolved. Also the installation instructions will be improved to prevent any common causes of user error.

If you've got a really good knowledge of Linux and can analyze syslogs and do general troubleshooting and wish to volunteer, please Contact Paul.

Please, before contacting the Yahoo/Skype account

have available the model of your pc and preferably the model of your motherboard, and any graphics, sound and network cards you are using, as well as the chipsets they use, if you have that information. Also let us know which of the following steps worked:

1. Ubuntu 6.10 installed ok
2. Linux MCE installed ok
3. You got to the AV Wizard and were able to set your video and audio resolutions
4. The GUI appeared and you were able to complete the Setup Wizard
5. Your known-compatible PNP devices, like NAS, etc., were detected.