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[[Category: RF Control]]
[[Category: RF Control]]
[[Category: ZWave]]
[[Category: ZWave]]

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Usage Information
Tricklestar 300ZW-EU-W


Received sample from manufacturer. Will be full Plug and play with the next release (0810). Works on 0710 with some easy tweaks (either manually create the device or add the usb id's to the #1754 device template: ZWave_DeviceTemplate_PlugAndPlay).

This highly recommended dongle is available in US and EU frequencies and has the latest Zensys library version


The Tricklestar 300ZW-US-W is a USB Z-Wave Controller based on a Zensys chip. It uses US frequency. There is also an EU version: Tricklestar 300ZW-EU-W. It uses the latest Z-Wave software, 4.27 from October 2008, with support for all the new command classes, and supports both high speed (4x 40kbps) and standard speed Z-Wave devices.


uses the pl2303 chipset and the same manuf./prod. ids.