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  • located in /usr/pluto/bin

Used by

  • used in MythTV as external channel changing script


 /usr/pluto/bin/TuneToChannel.sh [device id] [video source id]


/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend dcerouter 0 254 1 187 68 121 39 18544


  dcerouter - server
  0 - DeviceFrom
  254 - DeviceTo (DCT2200 Cable Box)
  1 - MsgType: Command
  187 - Command "Tune To Channel"
  The rest are MsgID blocks which require [parmid paramvalue]
  parmid 68 (Channel Number): paramvalue 121
  parmid 39(XMLTV ID): paramvalue 18544

For more explanation of MessageSend see this article : MessageSend

Known Issues

  • In LinuxMCE 0710b3 this file has DOS carriage return characters at the end of its lines. Before the script can be successfully run, those characters need to be edited out using a text editor such as vi
  • In LinuxMCE 0710b3 running this script results in each digit of the requested channel number being blasted 4 times in sequence; thus not actually transmitting the correct channel request.