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This article is a stub and requires expansion

tv_grab_nl_py is an XMLTV-compatible grabber for Dutch television that uses as it's source.

Install the latest version from here. Basically in a nutshell:

sudo su -
[ -e /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl ] && mv -iv /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl.backup
cp -v tv_grab_nl_py-r92 /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl
chmod -v a+x /usr/bin/tv_grab_nl

Unsure on how to configure it properly yet...

For/as root:

tv_grab_nl --configure
nano .mythtv/tv_grab_nl.xmltv
mythfilldatabase --manual

For/as linuxmce:

su - linuxmce
tv_grab_nl --configure
ln -v .xmltv/tv_grab_nl_py.conf .mythtv/tv_grab_nl.xmltv
nano .mythtv/tv_grab_nl.xmltv
mythfilldatabase --manual