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Upgrade to 0710 Linuxmce options:

Before proceeding please check the known issues list Known issues 0710 beta 3.

==1. Installation using the 0710 Linuxmce DVD== , with keep settings option (also works if you want to switch to amd64 version) Restart the pc and insert and boot the 0710 Linuxmce DVD.

You'll be asked if you want to keep the settings from previous installation (choose "y" or "n"). After the installation is finished you'll need to remove the DVD and press enter to reboot. This type of upgrade will install 0710 packages but keeping the previous devices. This type of upgrade can be made with single layer DVD, doesn't require the Double Layer DVD. Of course, it works with Double Layer too.

==2. Download the upgrade helper application== and choose to install from web or from DVD, if you have the Double Layer 0710 Linuxmce DVD.

When deciding to go with the upgrade go to KDE Desktop, start a web browser and download this .deb file gutsy-upgrade-scripts_0.1.0-1_i386.deb.

Install the .deb file on your machine DSC00125.jpg

Start "Upgrade to 0710" app DSC00126.jpg

Starting this app will open a console and will show 2 options: DSC00127.jpg

1. install 0710 packages from Double Layer DVD DSC00139.jpg


2. install 0710 packages from web DSC00132.jpg