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Sample User Setup

I have moved my sample user setup to the wiki topic Alx9r's Sample Setup.

Extensions I'd Like to See Added to this Wiki

Stuff that ought to be in a "Newbie Portal"

  • Pointer to FAQ
  • Hardware Selection
    • graphics chips that work
    • discrete codes, RS232 control
    • general considerations
      • esthetics
      • noise
      • slots
      • storage
      • com ports
    • some summary of what is currently being used and pointer to sample user setups
  • LinuxMCE Installation
    • What to Expect
    • Things to Contemplate Before the Installation
      • Network Topology
      • VDR vs Myth
      • Audio and Video Connections
    • Things you'll Probably Want to Have for the Install
      • a monitor to use during some low-level operations
      • another computer connected to the internet and the core
      • an ssh client
      • a keyboard and mouse, wireless is nice, synergy also works
  • Some Common But Non-Automatic Setup Steps
    • adding support for IR Remote
    • controlling RS232 AV Equipment
  • Organizing Media
  • Getting Help
  • Troubleshooting
    • How to find and view logs (ie. /var/log/pluto, tail -f)

Pages Under Construction

How to Select Mainboards for Your LinuxMCE System - A guide dedicated to making the most crucial hardware selection decision: Selecting a Mainboard.

How to Select Components for Your LinuxMCE Computers - A guide to help you select all the other components that make up a good LinuxMCE computer.

Hardware Selection Portal

How to Integrate Blu-ray Support into Your LinuxMCE System

How to Select Media Storage Hardware for Your LinuxMCE System