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I'm a Phd student working in engineering. I've just moved into a new home and have finally enough space to work on my own LMCE setup.



  • Dell Optiplex Gx620
  • currently running the 810 alpha 2

Lounge Media Director

  • Dell Precision 380 3.7 GHz running LCME via netboot
  • 24" LCD

Bedroom Media Director

  • HP notebook Dual Core 1.7 Ghz via netboot
  • 24" LCD

Mobile Orbiters

  • 2x Ipod touch via web orbiter

Plans / ToDo

  • Integrate my Arduino setup
  • Garden Irrigation


  • I've added a wireless atheros card to my core and managed to integrate it as an acess point. Saves me from having another device running 24/7 and I have greater flexibilty. I have started to write down my approach under Access_Point.