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What started out as a simple pair of MythTV x86 boxes back around 2005 soon evolved into a mission for low power systems everywhere, after finding out about LinuxMCE it expanded greatly into home automation and linking various active PC's to also run as Media Directors. The machines used previously are not listed here at the moment because they are currently collecting dust, they are power hungry x86 boxes so were upgraded to what is listed here. These boxes may be brought back to life for testing at some point in the future but I deem them too hungry to run 24/7 along with my other server boxes, unrelated to LinuxMCE.


The following are devices connected to my LinuxMCE network, this is a current working setup dated 22 October 2018.

Firewall / Router

  • Custom built low power router running FreeBSD
    • 5 x 1Gbps interfaces with one interface dedicated to LinuxMCE behind NAT
    • 2 x WiFi access points
    • DSL Modem to internet


  • Self wired cat6 network with a custom built ARM box set up as separate WiFi access point to bridge Orbiters over to the LinuxMCE internal network

Core / Hybrid (UI2)

  • Shuttle XS36V4 -
  • trusty i386 ( this needs latest BIOS flashed and legacy boot mode to run i386 )
    • Onboard 1Gbps network interface connected to internal LinuxMCE network
    • 4GB RAM
    • 1TB 2.5" HD
    • Samsung 32" 1080 HD TV through HDMI
    • MythTV backend/frontend
    • USB Devices:
      • Kworld DVB-T Dual tuner (connected to antenna in attic for FTA "FreeView" in UK)
      • PCTV DVB-S2 (connected to Sky dish for FTA "FreeSat" in UK)
      • Aeotec Zwave controller -
      • USB3 1Gbs Network adapter connected to router
      • USB-UIRT -
      • USB Web cam feeding motion wrapper

MD #1 (Disked, UI2)

  • HP Pavilion
    • Dual core Pentium
    • 3GB RAM
    • 1TB HD Tri-booting Windows, Linux, LinuxMCE
    • NVidia 8300GS 512MB
    • MythTV frontend
    • 24" Hitachi Combo 1080 HD TV/DVD player

MD #2 (Disked, UI2)

  • Home build
    • Dual core Pentium E6300 @ 2.6GHz
    • 2GB RAM
    • Tri-booting Windows, Linux, LinuxMCE
    • NVidia GT240 2GB (passively cooled)
    • MythTV frontend
    • 20" HP VGA Monitor with speakers (1680x1050)

Other media players

  • LibreELEC / Kodi on Raspberry PI 3 connected to 38" 1080 HD TV
  • LibreELEC / Kodi on Raspberry PI 3 connected to 24" 1080 HD Monitor with speakers


  • Onscreen MD orbiters
  • Web Orbiter 2 with several profiles, used frequently
  • Several QOrbiter on Android tablets and phones, android 4.x - 8.x


  • Everspring SP814 Sensors
  • ZWave dimmer lights
  • ZWave plugs



  • Tegra K1 (This would make a good arm hybrid, has OpenGL desktop profile + GLES)
  • 4 x Raspberry Pi
  • 2 x Pandaboard
  • Sheevaplug
  • Stopping here...