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System integration

The system is integrated in the house from the house was built. I had dessigned one of the in wall board in the lower room to install the core, switch and all the sytem. The house is totally wired in Cat6 ethernet cable and is integrated in the wall plugs together with the TV antena cable.

Integrated system


        Name: DCERouter
        Location: Office Room
        Especifications:  Motherboard - Asus P5QL-E
                          Graphics    - Asus G-Force 7300LE
                          Ram         - Kingston 4x1Gb
                          Processor   - 
                          HDD         - Seagate 1.5Tb SATA2(Massive Storage)
                                      - Seagate 250Gb SATA2(Main OS and Development Tests)
                          Optic Drives- LG DVD-RW SATA
        Misc: For the moment now the Core is working in hybrid mode, but with the MD disabled from the autostart, never runs it if nothing to
              maintenance should be do. Also the Core have a Hauppage HVR-4000 to serve DVB-S and S2 channels over the internal net (for the 
              moment trying to make it up running)


Media Directors

Final Notes

Ups!!!! It´s not finished, Comming Soon