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Pnuts Introduction to LMCE

Prior to ever hearing about LMCE I had an extensive network that was based around Windows systems with a Windows XP MCE in the living room and an xbox 360 acting as an extender on my media\office room. Other than briefly touching Linux here or there, I know very little about it but have always wanted to learn more.

A coworker of mine heard about my setup at home and was looking into doing something similar himself. He had read\heard a lot about LMCE and mentioned it to me. Hearing Linux and being a fairly complete Windows user, I did no bother to look into it at all. Several months later, I was talking to the same coworker about possibly setting up webcams in a home i recently purchased to make my own low budget security system and was looking for software to do it with. He again mentioned LMCE and quickly shot over a link to this LinuxMCE Video.

After watching a minute of the video, I was hooked. I went about researching what i would need to do and planning out how to do it. Now here I am starting a Wiki page of my experiances from start to finish, or rather where i currently am in the setup, who really is ever finished. So here I am. I will update this page as I build out the network so check back for updates.

The Complete Home System

Here I will break out each system that is on my network and touch on any issues or problems i have or have had while getting everything up and running.

The Core

Coming Soon?


Coming Soon?

Media Director 1

Coming Soon?


Coming Soon?

Network Layout

Network Explaination

This is how I plan to have the house setup for the initial AV rollout. Currently it is far from this as there is no dedicated Core (Hybrid right now)and it is located in the Theater Room on its own mini network while I tackle a few quarks to get this moving.

Network Image

Pnuts Network Layout.JPG