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I built my first LMCE system in the Summer of 2008, knowing nothing about Linux. Since then I have learnt a bit about Linux and about LMCE but still have a way to go. In November of 2008 I moved from the UK to the US.

My hardware is as listed below:


Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2 with GeForce 6100 (256Mb shared), Realtek 8201 phy (10/100Mbit – eth0) LAN onboard

• AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

• 2 x 1Gb DDRII

• Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512Mb (fitted but not working – yet)

ASUS NX1101 10/100/1000 LAN card (eth1)

• Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS (connected to receiver by Digital Coax)

• Samsung 1Tb SATAII drive

• Western Digital 200 Gb IDE drive (boot drive)

• Hitachi 450 Gb SATAII drive

• Bluetooth Dongle (from Techstyle UK Ltd. -

• DVD Player with Lightscribe

• Wireless Keyboard

• Wireless Trackball Mouse (from Techstyle UK Ltd. -

• Windows MCE Remote with IR Blaster

• LG RZ-37LZ55 37” LCD TV connected by RS232 (not working)

• Pioneer VSX-411 A/V Receiver – ‘Blasted’ by the IR Blaster (Blaster not working)

• CM11A X10 interface connected by RS232

• Microphone

MD1 (Study)

• Matsonic MS8147C VIA KT400 Chipset Socket A, Realtek RT8100B LAN (10/100 Mbit), AC’97 audio (sound did not work)

• AMD Athlon XP 2600+

• 3 x 256Mb PC133 DDR

• Elsa Erazor 8x AGP (Nvidia GeForce 440MX chipset) 128Mb

• Creative Labs 5.1 sound card

• Maxtor 40Gb IDE drive

• CDRom

• Viewsonic VE500 15” LCD Monitor

• Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers

• Bluetooth Dongle (from Techstyle UK Ltd. -

• Wireless Trackball Mouse (from Techstyle UK Ltd. -

Mobile Orbiter

• O2 XDA Iii connected via WIFI (802.11b)

Network Equipment

• Motorola Surfboard

• Linksys WRT54G router/WIFI Access point (SSID linuxmce)

• 2 x D-Link DGS-2205 5-port 10/100/1000 Desktop Switch

• D-Link DL-604 router - Not Currently used

• Netgear ADSL modem/router/WIFI Access point (SSID jasong) - Not currently used

Below is my network layout, both in the UK and US

Network Setup - UK

UK Setup.jpg

Network Setup - US

Techstyle US Setup.jpg

Resolved Issues

XDA IIi orbiter is not working - this is fixed, a rebuild took care of this

Media Director in the Study - this is fixed, a rebuild took care of this. No media directors would work with my previous build

Tesco Internet Phone - The phone would lose connection after about 60 seconds, this was resolved and an Wiki page was added with the instructions on how to over come it.

Media disapearing from the database when a MD is started - When there are multiple drives on there is a problem with the StorageRadar scripts. the fix is detailled here

Get the Microphone to work with the Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS on our core - played around with ALSAMixer and this is now working

Outstanding Issues

1. I can not get my NVIDIA 8600 to work, but don't really need it.

2. Set up Voicemail on Asterisk

3. Set up Bluetooth dongles in order to get the mobiles working - Blackberry 8300 Curve, Nokia 6085

4. Get the RS232 control of LG RZ-37LZ55 37” LCD TV working

5. Replace the MCE remote IR reciver/Blaster with a USB UIRT to blast IR to the VSX-411 and the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 cable box