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== Notes Pages ==
== Notes Pages ==
* [[A, An, The]]
* [[Atari 2600 Support]]
* [[Atari 2600 Support]]

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About Me

  • Name: Thomas Cherryhomes
  • Email: thom.cherryhomes at gmail dot com

My Current .plan


Notes Pages

Game Player Bits

I am pushing full steam ahead with the Game player. A wide variety of systems are implemented with control.

To be implemented

House Projects

Garage Entry

Garage entry via RFID tag on vehicle:

Parallax Reader


RFID reader, would need to write a DCE device.

Windshield tag

http://www.rfidsupplychain.com/-strse-259/Metalcraft-RFID-Windshield-Tag/Detail.bok - Sample pack of 10 for $100

Control Garage Door

http://store.homeseer.com/store/Global-Cache-WF2CC-Wifi-to-Contact-Closure-Controller-P867.aspx - Attach to garage door circuit.

Cheapo Android Tablet

Get a Cheapo Android Tablet to affix to the laundry room door.