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Hi, I'm Bernie.

I discovered LinuxMCE via one of the newsaggs (I think it was reddit). I had been searching for a whole-home multimedia and automation setup, and this looks like one of the best bundles out there.

I'm slowly (and I stress that) building a multimedia extravaganza in my home. I intend to have everything automated as much as possible, mainly because it's possible -- I mean, we stopped living in caves, even though they were a reasonable form of shelter, right?

Anyway, I think it would be great to build a knowledge store about how well various hardware works with LinuxMCE. I call it the Suggested hardware page.

I am going to record my experiences installing Kubuntu Feisty (7.04) on an Epia CN100000EG Mini-ITX PC, with an LG 42LB5D LCD TV as the main display device, and a Harman/Kardon AVR245 receiver for audio. I'm starting to suspect the CN10000EG is a little underpowered for my purposes, although I don't intend to do anything much more CPU-intensive than playing DVDs, or digitized video or music. If you have a suggestion for a better motherboard that is fanless, please email me about it. Cheers!


The combination of TV and PC has resulted in the first and last columns of characters in text mode to be off-screen. This isn't horrible, but annoying to be sure.