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How to setup FM Tuner

1. Create Audio Receiver Device (Marantz SR5600 in my case)

2. Create its child device: Tuner - Digital - OTARadio #2042 (ID of 64 in my case)

3. Create Media Scenario :

Tuner scenarios.png

First two commands select proper input (FM Tuner) on audio receiver and tune FM Tuner to certain frequency. Device 64 is device from 2. In such configuration special screen appears for basic control of Tuner (mostly only Mute/Vol+-).

Nokia N800

1. gain root access

install openssh
ssh root@localhost
passwd xxxx

2. enable Red Code (address matrix in new repository)

3. install all needed packages

4. transfer fonts From Core

mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/
mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/

to N800 into same directory

tar zxvf tts_fonts.tgz

4. Run Orbiter : Much easier from GUI, but if you have problems, starting by hand would help :

/usr/bin/Orbiter -r -d 36 -l /tmp/orbiter.log

Contributing/Changing templates notes

I'm doing this for better trace of sqlcvs contributions entered...


- added Cybrotech manufacturer
- added template for Cybrotech Automation Interface

Request for comment

Hi, I've made a request for comment with regard to a debate we're having about categorization of articles. If you could take a look here LinuxMCE Wiki talk:Community Portal when you have time and perhaps leave a comment I'd be very grateful.

Lozzo 11:40, 8 October 2007 (MST)

Setting up telephony features my way...

1. call comes in and you have to somehow to reroute it to individual users

2. if you go to users page on web-admin, you can see "Extension for intercom" - that's virtual internal number for each user...

3. if you go to Telecom-Call Routing, there you can determine what will happen with incoming call to each user depending on whether it is normal or priority caller and depending on user's mode...

I do it in slightly different manner, cause I think it's too much to make all those settings for all users...

I usually setup up two adition users (hidden from Orbiters): Doorphone and Housephone

I reroute calls from doorphone to virtual extension of user Doorphone and all incoming calls to virtual extension of Housephone

Therefore I make all those settings in Telecom-Call Routing but only for those two "users".

Now for instance you can set call routing :

- to ring phones and then to voicemail if user is in Home mode
- to go directly to voicemail or to forward call to your celullar phone when you're away

in my case I have SIP trunk as connection to my ip provider I just set all incoming calls to go to extension of housephone (in Advanced-Configuration-Phones setup - where you get Freepbx menus)