Using Security alerts on your mobile phone

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Description of HW setup :

I use Sipura 3000 VOIP-POTS adapter that connects two devices to LinuxMCE's Asterisk PBX. One is doorphone (that is actually normal analog phone) and other is analog FXO output to my Siemens GSM gateway (makes my calls much cheaper - instead of expensive ISDN-GSM calls only GSM-GSM calls are triggered when I call cell phone from my house).

I have two output lines in my home : A. ISDN line that will be used to call only security calls to my cell phone (but currently LinuxMCE's Asterisk is missing zaphfc modules so I cannot use this line, so made a hack to use temporarily GSM gateway line for security calls) B. GSM gateway that is used for all normal incoming/outgoing cellular calls from/to my house

Steps to setup and use Security alerts in described setup

1. Set everything needed under LinuxMCE-admin -> wizard -> security]
2. Set Caller ID from which you want to make security calls
2.1 go to LinuxMCE-admin -> advanced -> network -> wap/grps settings and set caller id
3. Correct outgoing number that is called on security breach in LinuxMCE-admin -> advanced -> configuration -> phones setup 

I'm from Slovenia and there are no Phone providers that LinuxMCE has support for. Therefore my setup is basically a hack - I use Teliax as provider and edited all settings accordingly (basically whole routing stuff is added to LinuxMCE only after you pick one of providers) and also had to do few manual changes I don't even remember. Have suggested to LinuxMCE guys to provide generic dummy provider that will let user to use all routing features of LinuxMCE without being connected to any of LinuxMCE's providers. I spotted that '91' gets perpend on my security calls, so I have to make small adjustment to pick that 91X pattern and remove 91 before the actual call on my ISDN output...

I went into Outbound Routing and added '91041.' to my GSM gateway Dial Patterns to pick that 91 perpended number too. I had to make this fix cause of problems described in ISDN output line description.

4. reload router so new settings get sent to Mobile Orbiter (but be sure check "send vmc" from your mobile orbiter device before that)
5. now set LinuxMCE to "armed" state, trip sensor and see what will happen.

Proper behavior : - if call is made with proper Id that matches that from 1. you'll get an option to open browser and see picture of alert and also receive call with voice menu

- if caller id doesn't match, you just receive call with security voice menu....

Beware: Under 0.43 pictures are not yet shown properly - we're trouble shooting it now, so I guess it should work on 0.44 when released..