Wayne-Dalton Thermostat

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Usage Information
Wayne-Dalton Zwave Thermostat


Recognized by LMCE as a thermostat. Currently the buttons on the orbiter do not properly control the thermostat. Also there are no auto generated scenarios created for the home screen.


The Wayne-Dalton Z-Wave® Enabled Thermostat is compatible with most standard 24 Volt heating and cooling systems including:

  • 1 and 2 stage heat pump systems
  • 1 or 2 stage normal heating systems
  • 1 stage cooling systems

The Wayne-Dalton Z-Wave® Enabled Thermostat also features:

  • Support for all Z-Wave® controllers
  • "Home" and "Away" programs via Z-Wave® or manual operation
  • "Heat" and "Cool" modes via Z-Wave® or manual operation
  • Temperature setting up or down via Z-Wave® or manual operation
  • Easy Energy Savings buttons and Mode Switch
  • Low Battery indicator

Zwave Modes

If your controller supports full thermostat device class functions then the following remote features are available:

a) Up and Down Temperature Control.
b) Change between HEAT and COOL modes.
c) Change between NORMAL and SAVE ENERGY modes.
d) Read the current temperature.
e) Read target temperatures for NORMAL and SAVE ENERGY modes.
f) Set target temperatures for NORMAL and SAVE ENERGY modes.
g) Set indicator to Red, Green, Amber or Off.

If your controller does not support full thermostat device class functions, it may still be able to control the NORMAL/SAVE ENERGY mode (ie. set back) of the thermostat through basic ON/OFF commands similar to those used by lighting switches. By sending the basic commands, ON and OFF, to the thermostat, the sending controller can switch between NORMAL (ON) mode and SAVE ENERGY (OFF) mode.

How to set the Zwave mode

Make sure that before you bind the Thermostat to the controller you will be using with LMCE (in my case it was the MCV usb dongle) you place the thermostat in either heat or cool mode and press the "Normal" button. Since LMCE will give you full contol all you need to do is put your controller in add mode then press and release the bind button on the top of the thermostat.

Note: If you press and hold the bind button it will bind the thermostat in a limited control mode.