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This is not meant as an endorsement, but the question of where to buy certain things pops up regularly. Some of this equipment can be hard to find locally, so help out and add your own suppliers to the list if they aren't already there and either way feel free to add a line with your experience.

Please add countries alphabeticly, and append new stores to the bottom of the lists in order to keep things organized, thank you and good luck with that shopping list!



United States

Fiire (english) The remote, and also core/media director hardware.





IntelliHome Domotica Shop (dutch)

  • Marmitek X10 Home Automation Products
  • Marmitek Home Security Products
  • Site in English/Dutch/French/German
  • Ships to Europe


ElekHomica (dutch/english) X10 and Zwave, even remote controlled curtainrail! EU shipping (curtainrail NL/BE only).

  • Quick and painless delivery.

ALTERNATE Computerversand (dutch) airmouse and lots of regular PC hardware,

  • Usually slow on delivery.

iHabitat Home automation (dutch) gc100

  • A bit slow to respond to the inquiry, but fast no-nonsense delivery.