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The wiki workgroup

The wiki workgroup was formed because some users felt the need for uniformity and more structural approach on how this wiki is formed and maintained. These people see how much work the developers put into linuxMCE, though not coders themselves, they also want to contribute.

The approach is somewhat undefined as for now, but slowly we want to find the holy grail on laying down a good basis to built on. Please mingle in our discussions, you can do this at our own wiki workgroup forum:,355.0.html

If you want to participate by editing, constributing or want a page reviewed by the wiki workgroup do the following:

  • make a forum topic about it in the manner seen in the subforum
  • use the prefix draft_ before the page, we can move them later after discussion is finished
  • use the following catagories wikicode in your page
    • [[category:wiki workgroup]]
    • [[category:drafts]]

What has been concluded is that in basis three things need our focus for now:

  • Template / standardization wiki-pages
  • Rewriting the manual
  • Redesigning the front page

Template / standardization wiki-pages

Page Status

The page status box is in essence just a part of the future template. Purps too the lead on this one, and we want to finalize this as soon as possible
Discussion here:,11923.0.html

Rewriting the manual

Rewriting the manual is a very big task that has to be cut up in pieces. Now final decisions have been made, also it leans somewhat on the development of the Template
For now no work is really done on it.

Redesigning the front page

The redesigning of the front page is not heavily driven by a template, it stands on its own.