X Configuration Scripts

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General info

Package: pluto-x-scripts

Directory: src/X-Resolution

These scripts are used to configure X and change resolutions.

File details

Reference picture for resolution change screen
Generates a XF86Config-4 file (defaults to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4). It can use a set of defaults on request. Autodetects the video card driver as part of the defaults. Updates configuration sections according to requested screen resolution, refresh rate. Updates just the video driver when requested.
Xconfigure.sh [--defaults] [--resolution <ResX>x<ResY>[@<Refresh>]] [--scantype {progressive|interlace|doublescan}] [--force] [--update-video-driver] [--conffile <config_file>] [--force-vesa]
--defaults - use the defaults as a starting point
--resolution <ResX>x<ResY>[@<Refresh>] - set the screen mode and corresponding modeline in the config file; Refresh defaults to 60
--scantype {progressive|interlace|doublescan} - select a scan type; has effect only when used with the --resolution parameter; when not specified, defaults to progressive
--force - The default horizontal sync range is 28-90; with this option, it is set to 28-500
--update-video-driver - redetects the video driver and updates the config file; does nothing when the --defaults parameter is specified as --defaults implies this parameter
--conffile - specify which config file to use instead of the default /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
--force-vesa - use vesa, skip driver autodetection; useful only with --defaults and --update-video-driver; used by the fallback mechanism in case the detected driver fails X probeonly test.
Xres_config.sh and Xres_config_end.sh
These scripts are used by the LinuxMCE Admin "Set resolution and refresh" pages.
Xres_config.sh: <ResX> <ResY> <Refresh> [<Scan Type>] - generates a X config file for this resolution and starts a X server on display :1, sets the background to the resolutions.png file and displays the current settings on screen and at the console.
X_res_config_end.sh {y/n} - confirms or infirms if the settings specified to the previous script should be kept and transfered to the running system (y parameter) or should be discarded (n parameter).

xtiming.pl <ResX> <ResY> <Refresh> [<Scan Type>] - generates a X Modeline for the specified resolution
Defaults used when the --defaults parameter is used with the Xconfigure.sh script
Used for updating the display driver in a X config file
Used for updating the screen mode, vertical refresh rate, horizontal sync frequency, and resolution modeline in a X config file.